Reading Comprehension

Great resources on literacy, grammar, spelling, etc.

    2 player Irregular Verb Jeopardy

         Smart board based internet activities for Language Arts.


                                My new favorite place for English, Grammar and Writing classes!!  Many activities to choose from.  Try some!!


                   A super site for writing newspaper articles!  Sponsored by Johns Hopkins

                            More stuff for English than you'd ever imagine!!  A great site.  Username:  langenhorst  (no capitals!!)  Password:  sdteacher (no spaces!!)

   Noun practice!  FUN!!

Site for practicing location of verbs and selecting proper tense.

A site for vocabulary work, games, and activities.

A super jumping point for many great language arts activities!

A place to practice plurals and their correct spellings

Time for Kids Site.  Great Writing Tools!  (dictionaries, thesauruses, encyclopedia acess)

This is the "headquarters" for 6+1 Trait Writing.  Fabulous tools and prompts located here!

Grammar Cop Webquest

Grammar  Bytes-definitions, activities, printouts and more!

Grammar Without the Pain

online grammar quizzes

The perfect resource for all things grammar related!!!!  Great quizzes and online games!

Online quiz for irregular verbs and their tenses